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Allylic C[BOND]H Alkylation of Unactivated α-Olefins: Serial Ligand Catalysis Resumed


  • M.C.W. thanks the NSF (CAREER CHE-0548173) for financial support and Amgen for generous gifts. We thank Sigma–Aldrich for a gift of catalyst 1. A.J.Y. gratefully acknowledges an award from Sigma–Aldrich. G. T. Rice confirmed entry 5, Table 2.


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A delicate interplay of several kinetically labile ligands is required for reactions that proceed through serial ligand catalysis mechanisms. An investigation of the disruption of this balance has enabled the development of a method for the intermolecular allylic C[BOND]H alkylation of unactivated as well as activated α-olefins (see example, Bn=benzyl).