Theory-Guided Experiments on the Mechanistic Elucidation of the Reduction of Dinuclear Zinc, Manganese, and Cadmium Complexes


  • J.-S.K.Y. and Y.-C.T are indebted to the National Science Council, Taiwan for support under Grant NSC 99-2627-B-009-008 and NSC 99-2113-M-007-012-MY3, respectively. The computational facility is supported by NCTU under the grant from MoE ATU Plan. We thank Prof. Yen-Hsiang Liu (Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan) for his help with the crystallography of compound 6.


original image

Two Mn[BOND]Mn-bonded dimanganese complexes, as well as the tetracadmium complex shown in the picture, were obtained by reduction of [M2{μ-κ2-Me2Si(NDipp)2}2] (M=Mn, Cd; Dipp=2,6-iPr2C6H3). Their structures are consistent with those of calculated intermediates in the reduction of [Zn2{μ-κ2-Me2Si(NDipp)2}2].