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Systematic Morphology Changes of Gold Nanoparticles Supported on CeO2 during CO Oxidation


  • This study was supported by a Grant-in-Aid for Specially Promoted Research, Grant No. 19001005 from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan). The authors also thank T. Akita, S. Tanaka, K. Tanaka, and M. Kohyama of AIST for their interest in this study, and R. Matsumoto, Y. Kohigashi, and K. Matsuura for their support with ETEM experiments.


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The morphology of gold nanoparticles (GNPs) supported on CeO2 in various partial pressures of CO and O2 is presented; their morphology correlates well with their catalytic activity. Adsorbed CO molecules stabilize the major {111} and {100} facets of GNP polyhedra and dissociation of O2 molecules may occur at the perimeter interface of GNPs and CeO2 supports with the aid of electron irradiation, thus causing rounded morphology of the GNPs (see diagram).