Gold-Catalyzed Transformation of 2-Alkynyl Arylazides: Efficient Access to the Valuable Pseudoindoxyl and Indolyl Frameworks


  • We are deeply appreciative of financial support from the French Ambassy in Germany to A.W. and thank Rhodia Chimie Fine (Dr. F. Metz) for a generous gift of HNTf2.


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An element of surprise: A series of functionalized 2-alkynyl arylazides has beed converted into 3-substituted indoles or 2,2-disubstituted indolin-3-ones in the presence of a gold(I) complex. Various oxygen or aryl nucleophiles can be used in this process to trap the intermediate α-imino gold carbene. The structural motifs of the products are found in a large variety of biologically active compounds and natural products.