Palladium(0)-Catalyzed Intermolecular Amination of Unactivated Cmath image[BOND]H Bonds


  • Generous financial support from the National Institutes of Health (GM-46059) is gratefully acknowledged. The Bruker 400 MHz instrument used in this work was purchased with funding from the National Institutes of Health (GM 1S10RR13886-01). We are grateful to Georgiy Teverovskiy (MIT) for initial studies on DFT calculations and to Sophie Rousseaux (MIT) for helpful discussions.


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Filling out the space: The title reaction of unactivated Cmath image[BOND]H bonds using aryl amines as the nitrogen source is disclosed (see scheme; dba=dibenzylideneacetone, Tf=trifluoromethanesulfonyl). Either the C[BOND]N cross-coupling product or the C[BOND]H amination product could be accessed selectively by adjusting the steric environment of the substrate.