LiMn1−xFexPO4 Nanorods Grown on Graphene Sheets for Ultrahigh-Rate-Performance Lithium Ion Batteries


  • This work is supported partially by the Office of Naval Research, NSF CHE-0639053, the LDRD Funding from the DOE SLAC Accelerator National Laboratory, and a Stanford Graduate Fellowship.


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A two-step solution-phase synthesis led to LiMn0.75Fe0.25PO4 nanorods grown on graphene with superior electrical conductivity (see picture; rmGO=reduced mildly oxidized graphene oxide). The nanorod morphology is ideal for fast Li+ diffusion, with the diffusion path along the short radial direction (20–30 nm) of the nanorods. An ultrafast discharge performance for this hybrid cathode material is thus achieved.