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OsO4⋅Streptavidin: A Tunable Hybrid Catalyst for the Enantioselective cis-Dihydroxylation of Olefins


  • We thank Prof. C. R. Cantor for the SAV gene, Chiral Technologies Europe for help with the method development for chiral-phase HPLC analysis, Beat Amrein for preliminary experiments, and Maurus Schmid for his contribution to the artwork. This research was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (Grant 200020-126366), the Cantons of Basel, and the Marie Curie Training Network (FP7-ITN-238434).


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Taking control: Selective catalysts for olefin dihydroxylation have been generated by the combination of apo-streptavidin and OsO4. Site-directed mutagenesis allows improvement of enantioselectivity and even inversion of enantiopreference in certain cases. Notably allyl phenyl sulfide and cis-β-methylstyrene were converted with unprecedented enantiomeric excess.