Covalent Protein Labeling with a Lanthanide Complex and Its Application to Photoluminescence Lifetime-Based Multicolor Bioimaging


  • We thank Shigeru Kobayashi at Olympus Engineering Co. Ltd. for his technical help in constructing the TRL microscopy system. This work was supported by MEXT of Japan, by the Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology from JSPS, by CREST from JST, and by Asahi Glass Foundation.


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Better late … Lanthanide-based time-resolved luminescence imaging of proteins is a promising technology. A novel luminescent lanthanide probe (see picture, TPA-Eu) for mutant β-lactamase-based protein labeling system (BL-tag) is used to selectively image cell-surface proteins (POIs) in the presence of autofluorescent background signals, thus enabling imaging with serum.