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Synthesis of 1-Aza-2-borabutatriene Rhodium Complexes by Thermal Borylene Transfer from [(OC)5Mo[DOUBLE BOND]BN(SiMe3)2]


  • Financial support by the European Research Council (Advanced Investigator Grant to H.B.) is gratefully acknowledged.


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Borylene on me: An unprecedented borylene transfer to metal-carbon double bonds afforded the title compounds. Preliminary studies revealed a thermally induced change of coordination mode from B[BOND]C to C[BOND]C and subsequent highly stereoselective C[BOND]H activation by the B[DOUBLE BOND]C bond. [(η5-C5H5)Rh(PCy3){(B,C-η2)-(SiMe3)2N=B=C[DOUBLE BOND]CH2)}] and its rearrangement product were both characterized by X-ray crystallography (see picture).