A Formal High Oxidation State Inverse-Sandwich Diuranium Complex: A New Route to f-Block-Metal Bonds


  • We thank the Royal Society, the EPSRC, the ERC, the University of Nottingham, and the UK National Nuclear Laboratory for supporting this work and Prof. Dr. Joris van Slageren (University of Stuttgart) for discussions about the magnetism of 3.


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U[BOND]Co bond: Reduction of [U(TsXy)(Cl)(thf)] [1; TsXy=HC(SiMe2NAr)3; Ar=3,5-Me2C6H3] with KC8 in toluene afforded the new arene-bridged diuranium complex 2, whereas reduction of 1 in aliphatic hydrocarbons resulted in C[BOND]N bond activation and formation of an imido-aryl complex, which exhibits an unusual ferromagnetic interaction between the two uranium centers. The synthetic utility of 2 was demonstrated by the first synthesis of a U[BOND]Co complex, [U(TsXy)Co(CO)3(PPh3)] (3).