Aromatic Metal-Centered Monocyclic Boron Rings: Co©B8 and Ru©B9


  • This work was supported by the National Science Foundation (DMR-0904034 to L.S.W. and CHE-1057746 to A.I.B.). Computer times from the Centers for High Performance Computing at the University of Utah and Utah State University are gratefully acknowledged. T.R.G. wishes to thank USU for the Vice President for Research Graduate Fellowship.


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Perfect symmetry: Photoelectron spectroscopy and theoretical calculations show that the B8 and B9 rings are stabilized by the metal atoms in Co©B8 and Ru©B9, which possess D8h and D9h symmetry, respectively (see picture). The bonding between the metal atom and the boron ring is described by six delocalized σ electrons and six delocalized π electrons, which result in double aromaticity.