Fiber-Based Hybrid Nanogenerators for/as Self-Powered Systems in Biological Liquid


  • This research was supported by NSF (DMS 0706436, CMMI 0403671), DARPA (HR0011-09-C-0142, Program manager, Dr. Daniel Wattendorf), BES DOE (DE-FG02-07ER46394). The authors thank Prof. C. M. Lieber for stimulating discussions and Dr. Yan Zhang and Sihong Wang for technical assistance.


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Electrifying: A fiber-based hybrid nanogenerator for simultaneous or independent harvesting of mechanical and biochemical energy is presented. The hybrid system consists of a nanogenerator (FNG) and a biofuel cell (FBFC) and provides a peak output of 3.1 V and 200 nA. It also serves as a self-powered sensor for the quantification of pressure variations.