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Polysilsesquioxane Nanoparticles for Targeted Platin-Based Cancer Chemotherapy by Triggered Release


  • We acknowledge financial support from NIH (U01-CA151455 and U54-119343). We would like to thank Kathryn deKrafft, Asif Khan, and Honorio Lara for experimental help and acknowledge technical support from the UNC Animal Studies Core.


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Trigger happy: Polysilsesquioxane (PSQ) nanoparticles that contain a PtIV-based active agent (1; see picture) can be used for the triggered delivery of chemotherapeutics. The cytotoxicity of 1 was superior to that of oxaliplatin against four cancer cell lines in vitro, and targeting further enhanced the cytotoxicity. PEGylated and anisamide-targeted 1 showed drastically superior efficacy to oxaliplatin in inhibiting tumor growth.

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