Time-Resolved NMR Spectroscopic Studies of DNA i-Motif Folding Reveal Kinetic Partitioning


  • Work in the group of H.S. is supported by DFG and the state of Hessen (BMRZ). H.S. is member of the DFG-funded cluster of excellence: macromolecular complexes. We thank Elke Stirnal with help in HPLC purification of DNA samples, Dr. C. Richter, Dr. J. Rinnenthal, and Prof. Dr. A. Heckel for insightful discussions.


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Get the zipper right: Time-resolved NMR spectroscopy measurements reveal kinetic partitioning for pH-induced DNA i-motif formation (see scheme). The data characterize the folding pathway of i-motifs and provide a biophysical based description of pH-dependent folding processes as utilized in live-cell pH sensors.