Ditopic Ion Transport Systems: Anion–π Interactions and Halogen Bonds at Work


  • We thank D. Jeannerat, A. Pinto, and S. Grass for NMR spectroscopy measurements, the Sciences Mass Spectrometry (SMS) platform for mass spectrometry services, F. Sansone (Parma) for samples, and the University of Geneva, the European Research Council (ERC Advanced Investigator), the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Chemical Biology, and the Swiss NSF for financial support. We also thank the Swiss Center for Scientific Computing (CSCS Manno) for computing time (Cray-XT5).


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Single-atom exchange series are introduced to extract the individual contributions of halogen bonds and anion–π interactions to the transport of anions across lipid bilayer membranes (see picture). Known cation binding sites are used for counterion activation of the neutral calix[4]arene transporters. The experimental evidence for anion transport with halogen bonds is unprecedented.