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Synthesis of 1-Phospha-2-boraacenaphthenes: Reductive 1,2-Aryl Migration of 1-Diarylboryl-8-dichlorophosphinonaphthalenes


  • This work was partially supported by Grants-in-Aid for Creative Scientific Research (B) (No. 22350017), the Global COE Program B09, and the MEXT Project of Integrated Research on Chemical Synthesis from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan).


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On the move: The title compounds 1, which are unique heterocyclic systems containing a P[BOND]B bond, have been synthesized by the reduction of 1-diarylboryl-8-dichlorophosphinonaphthalene derivatives (see scheme). Both experimental and theoretical results for 1 revealed an effective interaction between the phosphorus atom, boron atom, and naphthyl moiety. Furthermore, 1 exhibits orange fluorescence in solution.

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