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The 2SO Skew-Boat Conformation in L-Iduronic Acid


  • We acknowledge Laure Severac and David Baltes for their help with the crystallizations, Dr. Philippe Sizun for his assistance with NMR spectroscopy, and Prof. Bertrand Castro for his chemical insight (all from Sanofi-Aventis). We thank Dr. Michela Brunelli (ESRF) and Dr. Andy Fitch (ESRF) for the setup of beam lines BM16 and ID31. We are also indebted to Dr. Maurice Petitou (EndotisPharma, Romainville, France) and Dr. Marc Hostettler (Universität Bern, Switzerland) for their comments on the manuscript.


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Crystal clear: After two decades of controversy the elusive skew-boat conformation of L-iduronic acid (see picture) was finally ascertained at atomic resolution in a synthetic, substituted disaccharide. This highly flexible compound crystallizes in two dimorphs. This rare case of dimorphism in oligosaccharides is all the more remarkable in that the 2SO conformation crystallizes in both forms.