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BaFeO3: A Ferromagnetic Iron Oxide


  • This study was by a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research 20750050, 20750046, 22245009, and 17105002 from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture (Japan), and by the Nippon Sheet Glass Foundation for Material Science and Engineering (Japan). We thank Y. Shimakawa of ICR, Kyoto University for allowing the use of the magnetometer, Dr. K. Ohoyama of Tohoku University for his help in the ND measurements, M. Tanaka, and Y. Katsuya of NIMS for their help in the high-resolution synchrotron XRD measurements, and Prof. T. Tohyama of YITP, Kyoto University for useful discussions.


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Magnetic attraction: The cubic perovskite BaFeO3 (see picture, Ba blue, Fe brown, O white), which is obtained by a low-temperature reaction using ozone as an oxidant, exhibits ferromagnetism with a fairly large moment of 3.5 μB per Fe ion above a small critical field of approximately 0.3 T. This specific ferromagnetism is attributed to the enhancement of O→Fe charge transfer that arises from deepening of the Fe4+ d levels.