A Diagonal Approach to Chemical Recycling of Carbon Dioxide: Organocatalytic Transformation for the Reductive Functionalization of CO2


  • For financial support of this work, we acknowledge the CEA, CNRS, ANR (Fellowship to C.G. and Starting Grant to T.C.), the FP7 Eurotalents Program (PD Fellowship to O.J.), and the CEA Physical Sciences Division (PD Fellowship to O.J., Basic Research on Low Carbon Energies Grant to T.C.). We thank the CINES for the allowance of computer time (Project No. c2011086494).


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Lateral thinking: A diagonal approach to CO2 recycling has been explored for the formation of both functionalized and energetic chemicals featuring a reduced carbon center. The strategy relies on the tandem use of a functionalization reagent and a reductant that can be independently modified to access a wide spectrum of chemicals from CO2. It is exemplified with an organocatalytic process to convert CO2 into formamides (see picture).