Chiral Amplification and Helical-Sense Tuning by Mono- and Divalent Metals on Dynamic Helical Polymers


  • We thank the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación [CTQ2008-01110/BQU, CTQ2009-08632/BQU and Ramón y Cajal contract (F.F.)] and Xunta de Galicia (PGIDIT09CSA029209PR) for financial support.


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Ion sensor: A highly dynamic poly(phenylacetylene) bearing α-methoxyphenylacetic acid (MPA) as chiral pendant exhibits selective helix induction and chiral amplification, and gives a material that acts as a sensor for the valence of metal cations. Selective coordination of the pendants with mono- or divalent metal cations determines the right- or left-handed helical sense of the polymer (see picture) and its chiroptical response.