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Observing Oxygen Storage and Release at Work during Cycling Redox Conditions: Synergies between Noble Metal and Oxide Promoter


  • We thank the ESRF for access to facilities. Trevor Mairs, Pierre Van Vaerenbergh, Pascale Dideron, Dominique Rohlion, and Marchial Lambert are all gratefully thanked for their technical contributions to this work. Andy Fitch (ESRF) is also thanked for his advice regarding processing of the HXRD data.


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Intimacy promotes good chemistry: Time-resolved hard X-ray diffraction (see picture) and dispersive X-ray absorption spectroscopy coupled to time-resolved IR spectroscopy allows direct observation and quantification of the ability of materials to store and release gases under specific conditions. The nanoscale Pd/CeZrO4 interface plays a reactively deterministic role in inducing a superior performance in these catalysts.