Wet-Chemical Synthesis of Amphiphilic Rodlike Silica Particles and their Molecular Mimetic Assembly in Selective Solvents


  • This work is supported by startup funds from the University of Maryland. We acknowledge the support of the Maryland NanoCenter and its NispLab. The NispLab is supported in part by the NSF as a MRSEC Shared Experimental Facility


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Flowers and stars: A wet-chemical method was developed to synthesize amphiphilic rodlike silica particles with hydrophilic (green in picture) and hydrophobic (red) blocks. The self-assembly of the amphiphilic rodlike particles leads to various structures including planar monolayers, bundle micelles, flower micelles, star micelles (right in picture), and reverse micelles (left) depending on the properties of the rods and the nature of the solvent.