High-Spin Square-Planar CoII and FeII Complexes and Reasons for Their Electronic Structure


  • This work was supported by Boston University, NSF (CHE 0910647 and CHE 0619339 for the purchase of an NMR spectrometer), Department of Energy (DE-SC0007055), ACS Petroleum Research Fund 48022-AC3, and NSF CRIF 0840418 for the purchase of an EPR spectrometer. We would also like to thank Colorado State University and NSF (CHE-1058889) for financial support.


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It's hip to be square: Two high-spin, square-planar {MO4} complexes are prepared, including the first molecular example with M=CoII (see structure). Structural, spectroscopic, and magnetic susceptibility characterization allows a description of the ligand features required for this highly unusual electronic structure.