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Hydrogen Production Coupled to Hydrocarbon Oxygenation from Photocatalytic Water Splitting


  • We acknowledge the Department of Chemistry at The University of Memphis for support. We thank Prof. Theodore J. Burkey for helpful discussions and the NSF (grant number TN EPS 1004083) for support of Haifeng Duan.


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On the sunny side: A homogeneous system for H2 production and hydrocarbon oxidation was developed in the absence of any sacrificial reagent. This system consists of [Ru(TPA)(H2O)2]2+ and [Fe3(CO)12] as catalysts and [Ru(bpy)3]2+ and [Ir(bpy)(ppy)2]+ as photosensitizers (PS). Water is the oxygen source as well as the source for H2 formation (see picture; Sub=organic substrate).