Unprecedented Catalytic Hydrogenation of Urea Derivatives to Amines and Methanol


  • This research was supported by the European Research Council under the FP7 framework, (ERC number 246837), by the Israel Science Foundation, by the MINERVA Foundation, and by the Kimmel Center for Molecular Design. D.M. is the holder of the Israel Matz Professorial Chair of Organic Chemistry.


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Indirect CO2hydrogenation: Hydrogenation of urea derivatives to the corresponding amines and methanol is reported (see picture). The reaction is catalyzed by a bipyridine-based tridentate PNN Ru(II) pincer complex and proceeds under mild, neutral conditions using 13.6 atm of H2. A mild approach is offered for the indirect hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol as urea derivatives are available from CO2.