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Reversibly Shape-Shifting Organic Optical Waveguides: Formation of Organic Nanorings, Nanotubes, and Nanosheets


  • This work was financially supported by DST (no. SR/FTP/CS-115/2007). We thank the Centre for Nanotechnology (CFN), UoH for providing the TEM facility and M. Durga Prasad for recording the TEM Micrographs. N.C. thanks CSIR-New Delhi for a SRF.


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Shape-shifting: A method for reversibly transforming the shape of organic waveguides to form 2D nanosheets, 1D nanotubes, and 0D nanorings has been developed. The nanosheets can be turned into nanotubes and subsequently into nanorings by adding water to the solvent, whereas ultrasonication changes the nanotubes back into nanosheets. Both nanotubes and nanosheets act as waveguides and change the direction of incident laser light in a shape-dependent manner.