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Photocontrol of the Translocation of Molecules, Peptides, and Quantum Dots through Cell and Lipid Membranes Doped with Azobenzene Copolymers


  • This work was supported by the ANR for the award of Grant photo-channels N° ANR-07-BLAN-0278. The authors thank Déborah Cardoso for providing Figure S4 and F. Pinaud and M. Dahan for providing Qdots.


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Light opens: Photocontrolled transmembrane passage of soluble dyes and delivery of small peptides into mammalian cells has been achieved using azobenzene-modified polymers (AMPs) as permeabilizing agents. Irradiation with UV and visible light triggers polarity switches upon cistrans isomerization of the azobenzene moieties. Photoresponsive permeability and pore opening promoted by trans-AMPs, but not cis-AMPs, in supported lipid bilayers are observed.