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Enyne Chlorides: Substrates for Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Alkylation


  • This work is supported by the Swiss National Research Foundation (grant No. 200020-126663) and COST action D40 (SER contract No. C07.0097). The authors warmly thank Dr. Jean-Baptiste Langlois for his valuable advice. We also thank BASF for the generous gift of chiral amines.


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A select few: Several prochiral enyne chlorides were employed as substrates in the title reaction using Grignard reagents as the alkylation reagents (see scheme; CuTC=copper(I) thiophenecarboxylate). Excellent 1,3 substitution regioselectivities and good to excellent enantioselectivities were obtained. The substrate scope is additionally extended to diene chlorides.