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Monitoring the Shape Evolution of Silver Nanoplates: A Marker Study


  • We thank the U. S. National Science Foundation (DMR-0956081), and Department of Energy (DE-SC0002247) for support of this research. Y.Y. also thanks the Research Corporation for Science Advancement for the Cottrell Scholar Award, 3M for the Nontenured Faculty Grant, and DuPont for the Young Professor Grant. We thank Dr. Bozhilov and Mr. McDaniel at the Central Facility for Advanced Microscopy and Microanalysis at UCR for assistance with TEM analysis.


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Out of the frame: A marker study using gold frames was designed to reveal that silver nanoplates undergo a shape transition during their seeded growth from triangular to circular to hexagonal plates before ultimately returning to triangular structures with an orientation 180° relative to that of the original triangular seeds (see picture, the original gold triangular frame is visible at the center of the silver nanoplate).

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