[(Cp-R)M(CO)3] (M=Re or 99mTc) Arylsulfonamide, Arylsulfamide, and Arylsulfamate Conjugates for Selective Targeting of Human Carbonic Anhydrase IX


  • We thank the University of Zurich and the SLS for providing beamtime. Work by the Supuran lab was financed by an EU FP7 grant (Metoxia).


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Enhanced receptor selectivity: Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors are relevant for both cancer diagnosis and therapy. Combining non-radioactive Re compounds with their radioactive 99mTc homologs enables the use of identical molecules for therapy and imaging (theragnostic). The syntheses and in vitro evaluation of [(Cp-R)M(CO)3] (Cp=cyclopentadienyl, M=Re, 99mTc) with R being a highly potent carbonic-anhydrase-targeting vector is reported (see picture).