Chemistry at the Nanoscale: Synthesis of an N@C60–N@C60 Endohedral Fullerene Dimer


  • We acknowledge the EPSRC and NSF for funding (EP/F028806/01). B.J.F. is supported by the EPSRC through a DTA studentship. A.A. and A.N.K. are supported by the Royal Society. We thank Dr. Simon Plant for valuable suggestions and discussions during the course of this work.


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Rattling the cage: The rapid one-pot double 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction of the rare endohedral fullerene N@C60 to an oligo(p-phenylene polyethylene) bis(aldehyde) using a novel amino acid derivative as an anchoring group is reported. The method provides the first example of a chemically linked, two-spin-center N@C60–N@C60 molecule (see picture). Assessment of this platform as an element of a quantum computing register is attractive.