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Unique α,β- and α,α,β,β-Peptide Foldamers Based on cis-β-Aminocyclopentanecarboxylic Acid


  • Financial support by the DFG (GRK 760 Medicinal Chemistry), the Hungarian Research Foundation (NK81371 and K83882), TÁMOP-4.2.1/B-09/1/KONV-2010-0005 and COST (CM0803), the HAS Lendület Foldamer research group (T.A.M.), and IEF (CANPY, Ł.B.) within the People Programme of 7th FP of European Commission is gratefully acknowledged.


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Waterproof: cis-β-Aminocylopentanecarboxylic acid is a highly suitable building block for the synthesis of α,β- and α,α,β,β-peptides that have unique helical structures with high stability in methanol and aqueous media.