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Enzymatically Incorporated Genomic Tags for Optical Mapping of DNA-Binding Proteins


  • This work was supported by the UCLA-DOE Institute for Genomics and Proteomics (Grant DE-FC02-02ER63421) and NIH Grant R01-GM069709. A.G. and E.W. thank Prof. Dr. Michalis Kokkinidis for providing M.BseCI and the German Science Foundation (WE 1453/4-1 and 4-2) for financial support. Y.E. thanks the Legacy Heritage fund program of the Israel Science Foundation for financial support.


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All smiles: Sequence-specific methyltransferase-induced labeling of DNA (SMILing DNA) creates a fluorescence pattern of the T7 bacteriophage genome (see picture). The pattern is visualized as a linear optical barcode showing the genomic location of individual RNA polymerases bound to the DNA. The precision of the measurement presents new opportunities for contextual genomic research on the single-molecule level.