Molecular Shuttling of a Compact and Rigid H-Shaped [2]Rotaxane


  • This work was supported by a NSERC of Canada Discovery grant to S.J.L. V.N.V. is grateful to NSERC of Canada for the awarding of an Alexander Graham Bell Graduate Doctoral Scholarship and to the International Center for Diffraction Data for a Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship.


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Push-button control: A new templating motif for mechanically interlocked molecules involving benzimidazolium axles and dibenzo[24]crown-8 wheels was used to create [2]rotaxane molecular shuttles with a compact and rigid, H-shaped molecular structure for condensed-phase and solid-state applications. Four different states of the molecular shuttle were shown to exhibit different rates of motion controlled by acid–base chemistry or the presence/absence of lithium ions (see scheme).