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Sensitive and High-Throughput Isolation of Rare Cells from Peripheral Blood with Ensemble-Decision Aliquot Ranking


  • We wish to thank the patients who enabled this research, as well as Roy Olund for constructing the dedicated electronic sorting processor, Gavin Jeffries for help with blood droplet formation, and Gabriele Shuster for arranging patient samples. This work was supported by the Life Sciences Discovery Fund and the National Institutes of Health (grant number R21CA147831).


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Enrichment of cells: An approach called ensemble-decision aliquot ranking (eDAR) for isolating rare cells from peripheral blood is described. The eDAR process has a recovery of over 93 % (number of runs n=9) with a zero false positive rate (n=8) and provides direct easy access to individual isolated live cells for downstream single-cell manipulation and analysis (CTCs=circulating tumor cells).