Solvent-Free Luminescent Organic Liquids


  • We thank Dr. T. Sato, Z. Rao, Dr. S. Samitsu, and Dr. Z. Schnepp at NIMS for help with determining the absolute quantum yield, rheology, DSC, and XRD measurements. We also acknowledge Dr. M. J. Hollamby, Dr. K. Sugiyasu, and Dr. M. Takeuchi at NIMS for meaningful discussions. This study was supported partially by KAKENHI (23685033) from the MEXT (Japan) and the Shorai Foundation for Science and Technology. Support from DAE (Outstanding Researcher Award to A.A.) and CSIR, Government of India is acknowledged.


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Illuminating! Isolation of a π-core by covalently attached flexible hydrocarbon chains has been employed to synthesize blue-emitting oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) (OPV) liquids with tunable viscosity and optical properties. A solvent-free, stable, white-light emitting ink/paint, which can be applied onto various surfaces and even onto LEDs, was made by blending of liquid OPVs with emissive solid dopants.