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Cyclic SiS2: A New Perspective on the Walsh Rules


  • J.G. and S.T. gratefully acknowledge funding by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) through grants GA370/5-1 and TH1301/3-1. L.A.M. is supported by a fellowship of the Graduate School of Excellence “MAINZ”. The work in Cambridge is supported by NSF grant no. CHE-1058063.


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A joint effort: By means of high-resolution rotational spectroscopy and highly accurate quantum-chemical calculations, the first observation and characterization of cyclic SiS2 was achieved. This provides a new perspective on the Walsh rules: Although the cyclic form of SiS2 is a local and not the global minimum, cyclic isomers of sixteen-electron triatomics containing second or even higher row elements are experimentally accessible.