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Hybrid Nanomaterials that Mimic the Food Effect: Controlling Enzymatic Digestion for Enhanced Oral Drug Absorption


  • We acknowledge the Australian Research Council, the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, Itek Pty. Ltd. and BioInnovation SA for research funding; Dr. Mihail Popescu and A/Prof. Robert Milne for providing instructive advice on lipolysis data modelling; and Prof. Christopher J. H. Porter for guidance in the pharmacokinetic studies.


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Easily digested: SiO2–lipid hybrid microparticles with specific nanostructured interiors were generated from submicrometer-sized emulsion templates based on mesoporous and non-porous silica nanoparticles. These functional lipid-based microparticles can be used to mimic the pharmaceutical food effect and enhance drug absorption by controlling the enzymatic digestion of lipid colloids (see scheme; ○ oil solution, ▴ lipid–nanoparticle hybrid, □ lipid encapsulated in hybrid).