A Chiral, Self-Catenating and Porous Metal–Organic Framework and its Post-Synthetic Metal Uptake


  • The authors thank the Diamond Light Source and S. Barnett for access to and assistance with diffraction facilities; M. A. Halcrow and J. Loughrey for assistance with ESR and A. Kulak with optical microscopy; A. Kazlauciunas for SEM-EDX measurements; I. Blakeley for microanalysis; and F. Meldrum and B. Murray for access to equipment. This work was funded by The Leverhulme Trust (UK).


original image

Free vacancies: A robust and porous metal–organic framework material with unique 4-connected self-catenating structure of {85⋅10} topology was synthesized. The structure features empty bipyridine metal-chelating sites that can be doped with copper cations in a single-crystal-to-single-crystal post-synthetic modification (see picture; scale bar 20 μm).