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σ-Accepting Properties of a Chlorobismuthine Ligand


  • Financial support from the Welch Foundation (A-1423), the National Science Foundation (CHE-0952912), Texas A&M University (Davidson Professorship), and the Laboratory for Molecular Simulation at Texas A&M University (software and computation resources) is gratefully acknowledged. We thank Lisa Pérez and Clark Landis for their help with the implementation of NBO.


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BiZness as usual? Not exactly! The bismuth atom of the tridentate diphosphinobismuthine (o-(Ph2P)C6H4)2BiCl behaves as a Z rather than L ligand when in the coordination sphere of late transition metals such as gold. The σ-acceptor behavior of Bi is supported by its disphenoid coordination geometry and theoretical studies, which show a Au→Bi interaction.