Unprecedented Reversible Redox Process in the ZnMFI—H2 System Involving Formation of Stable Atomic Zn0


  • XAFS spectra were acquired under the proposal numbers of 2008G064, 2008G616, 2009G591, and 2011G538 of the Photon Factory Program Advisory Committee. We thank Prof. M. Nomura, Dr. H. Nitani, and Dr. A. Koyama of KEK in Tsukuba for their kind assistance in acquiring the XAFS spectra. Financial support was provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (No. 21655021). H.T. acknowledges financial support from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, DC1).


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In its element: Zn2+ at the M7 site of MFI-type zeolites activates H2, via ZnH and OH species, and leads to Zn0 species. The Zn0 species returns to its original state, a Zn2+ ion, upon evacuation of the zeolite at 873 K (see picture). The formation of the Zn0 species is supported by DFT calculations.