Preparation of Alkylmagnesium Reagents from Alkenes through Hydroboration and Boron–Magnesium Exchange


  • This work was supported by the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie, the DFG (GRK 1038), the Krupp Foundation (Alfried Krupp Award for young university teachers to B.B.), and Novartis (graduate fellowship to M.A.R.). We thank M. Fritz for technical support and BASF SE for donations of chemicals (esp. borane reagents).


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Tolerant: Alkylmagnesium reagents can be synthesized from alkenes through a sequence of hydroboration and subsequent boron–magnesium exchange using a method that tolerates different functional groups (see scheme). The resulting alkylmagnesium reagents can be used in carbon–carbon bond forming reactions, such as alkylation reactions or transition-metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions.