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Victor Grignard and Paul Sabatier: Two Showcase Laureates of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry


  • I thank the Académie des sciences/Institut de France for permission to use the photos appearing in Figures 1 and 2. I acknowledge Prof. A. Lattes and Prof. F. Couderc for providing photos appearing in Figures 9–11 and Figure 12, respectively. Photos used in Figures 3–7 were taken from the book quoted in Ref. 9, and I thank Jacques Grignard, the grandson of V. Grignard for his authorization to reproduce these photos. I thank Mrs. F. Greff, head of Archives of Académie des sciences, for her help.


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Looking back one hundred years: The two 1912 Nobel Laureates of Chemistry are featured within the context of the academic world in France. Grignard discovered the preparation and use of organomagnesium reagents (see scheme). Sabatier established the addition of hydrogen to unsaturated compounds in the presence of catalytic amounts of nickel.