Polyacetylenes as Enantiodifferentiating Alignment Media


  • The authors would like to thank the German Research Council (DFG) for the funding of the Research Unit FOR 934 (grant numbers RE 1007/7-1 and TH 1115/3-1).


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Orientation help: Valine-derived polyacetylenes are introduced as enantiomer-differentiating alignment media. The F2-coupled HSQC-type NMR spectra of both enantiomers of isopinocampheol (IPC) display narrow line widths allowing for the precise extraction of residual dipolar couplings (black contour plot: (+)-IPC in an isotropic phase, blue: (−)-IPC in an anisotropic phase, and red: (+)-IPC in an anisotropic phase; J=coupling constant).