Development of an O2-Sensitive Fluorescence-Quenching Assay for the Combinatorial Discovery of Electrocatalysts for Water Oxidation


  • We are grateful to Profs. Daniel C. Fredrickson and Robert J. McMahon (UW-Madison), who shared valuable equipment for this project. We thank Profs. Bruce Parkinson (Wyoming) and Jennifer Schuttlefield (UW-Oshkosh) for illuminating discussions and Jerry Stamn and Tracy Drier (UW-Madison) for assistance with construction of the apparatus. Jonathan Gerken (Analog Systems Press) and Prof. Thatcher Root (UW-Madison) provided valuable advice on digital image processing. This research was supported by the NSF CCI grant CHE-0802907.


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Realizing their potential: The title assay has enabled rapid screening of diverse mixed-metal oxide electrocatalysts composed exclusively of earth-abundant metal ions. Several newly discovered catalyst compositions (e.g., Ni/Al/Fe oxides) exhibit substantially lower overpotentials for water oxidation than known, widely used electrocatalysts.