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S-Nitrosothiol Chemistry at the Single-Molecule Level


  • We are grateful to Dr. Mackay B. Steffensen, Dr. Hai-Chen Wu, Dr. Dvir Rotem, and Dr. Tivadar Mach for their ideas and helpful discussions, Dr. Barbara Odell and Dr. Timothy D. W. Claridge for 15N NMR spectroscopy, Dr. Jeffrey Harmer for EPR spectroscopy, and Dr. Arnold J. Boersma and Dr. Sarah E. Rogers for reading the manuscript. This work was supported by the MRC. L.-S.C. is the recipient of a University of Oxford Croucher Scholarship (UOCS).


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SNO patrol: S-Nitrosothiols (RSNO) are important molecules involved in cell signaling, which control physiological processes such as vasodilation and bronchodilation. By using the protein pore α-hemolysin as a nanoreactor, the biological chemistry of RSNO has been investigated at the single-molecule level (see scheme).