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An Energy Storage Principle using Bipolar Porous Polymeric Frameworks


  • We are grateful to Prof. Dr. T. Kudo (AIST/Univ. Tokyo) for his valuable comments. We thank for Dr. S. Pauly, Dr. P. Dunne, and members of their laboratories. This work was partially performed using facilities of ISSP (Univ. Tokyo). K.S. is supported by DAAD under the grant number of A/09/74990.


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Packed with energy: Amorphous covalent triazine-based frameworks were used as a cathode material, with the aim of developing an energy storage principle that can deliver a 2–3 times higher specific energy than current batteries with a high rate capability. The material undergoes a unique Faradaic reaction, as it can be present in both a p-doped and an n-doped state (see picture).