H2 Activation and Hydride Transfer to Olefins by Al(C6F5)3-Based Frustrated Lewis Pairs


  • D.W.S. gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the NSERC of Canada and the award of a Canada Research Chair. G.M. is grateful for the support of NSERC and Walter C. Sumner Fellowships.


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Frustrated delivery: Frustrated Lewis pairs derived from tBu3P and Al(C6F5)3 activate H2 to give [tBu3PH][(μ-H)(Al(C6F5)3)2], which reacts with unactivated olefins to give RAl(C6F5)2 (R=Et or Cy) and [tBu3PH][Al(C6F5)4]. The proposed mechanism involves olefin activation by aluminum, which is supported by the isolation of the cyclohexene complex [Al(C6F5)3⋅(C6H10)].