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Perovskite B-Site Compositional Control of [110]p Polar Displacement Coupling in an Ambient-Pressure-Stable Bismuth-based Ferroelectric


  • This work is funded by the European Research Council (M.D. is supported by ERC Grant agreement 227987 RLUCIM), the EPSRC (U.A. is supported by EP/H000925) and the Northwest Development Agency through the Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry. A.M.S. is supported by the European Union by the SOPRANO project (Grant No. PITN-GA-2008-214040). We thank ESRF (ID31) and ISIS (HRPD, GEM) for diffraction instrument access, and Prof. A. Fitch (ESRF) and Dr. K. S. Knight (ISIS) for their input into this work. P.S.H. and T.T.T. thank the Welch Foundation (Grant E-1457) for support.


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Off the axis: A new lead-free bismuth based perovskite has been formed at ambient pressure in the polar Pmc21 structure. Measurements give evidence for ferroelectricity and piezoelectricity. The material is significant due to a rotation of the polarization direction off the [111]p axis, making it important to the design of materials with a morphotropic phase boundary.