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Chemical Synthesis of Aspidosperma Alkaloids Inspired by the Reverse of the Biosynthesis of the Rhazinilam Family of Natural Products


  • L.M. is grateful to the EPSRC and AstraZeneca for a Ph.D. studentship, M.J.G. is grateful for funding from Phillip & Patricia Brown through a Next Generation Fellowship and to unrestricted funding from Novartis. We are grateful to the EPSRC Mass Spectrometry Service at the University of Swansea.


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Pyrrole reduction: Iterative metal-catalyzed C[BOND]H functionalization reactions facilitated the preparation of a highly substituted pyrrole derivative. This derivative could be transformed into the pyrrole-containing secondary metabolite, rhazinilam, which could in turn be transformed through a reductive transannular cascade process into the structurally complex pyrrolidine-containing alkaloid natural product, aspidospermidine.